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Our Automated labeling machines are an accumulation of 25 years of experience and are engineered to be a workhorse in the packaging and labeling industry. Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum components that are machined in our facility, our automated labeling machines are a long lasting, versatile piece of equipment that no packaging company should be without.

We start with a sturdy extruded aluminum framed base with easy to adjust leveling feet and non scuff UHMW pucks. A powder coated aluminum base plate holds the adjustment bases for the applicators. The applicators are carefully engineered to have weight balanced dancer arms for maximum speed.

Each of our automated labeling machines is built specifically for each customer and we offer many options to better serve your labeling needs. An adjustable overhead electronic motor driven belt to hold your container down to the conveyor. This is important for top heavy containers, or slippery materials so that the label can be quickly and accurately applied without slippage of the container occurring.

In addition to the overhead you can opt for a secondary applicator on the back of the machine to do two sided simultaneous labeling. Each applicator is independently adjusted to ensure proper placement of the labels and can even be adjusted and programmed to apply different size or type labels on the front and back giving you more options.

At Chicago Automated Labeling, we can meet your needs for:

  • Automatic product labeling machines
  • Automatic package labelers
  • Automatic label applicators
  • Industrial label machines
  • Commercial label machines
  • Bottle labeling machines

For containers that are rounded, squared, triangular or other shapes that require a full or even partial wrapped label, we offer a wrap belt attachment with a trunion to grab the container, spin it and properly apply pressure to the label to ensure a clean, bubble and wrinkle free adhesion. A bottle labeler is a perfect example of this kind of machine.

For sequentially numbered or bar code identification for containers that may hold different contents we offer a Print and Apply attachment. Printers with programmable print on demand labels can be attached to both front and back applicators to facilitate labeling of short run of variable products in the same sized container.

Nylon guide rails ensure proper placement of containers on the 10 foot long, and 32 inch high conveyor system. The guide system can be fitted with a compressed air powered spacer that accurately spaces the containers which can be adjusted to suit your production needs.

Finger belt attachments allows for proper positioning of the container to be aligned with the conveyor for accurate labeling. These finger belt components are also adjustable to suit different products.

The most impressive feature of CAL 1000 automated labeling machines is the PLC, or Programmable Logic Control. A touch screen controller that allows for complete control over applicator settings, speeds, and setup. The PLC can save settings for up to 30 different containers.

All Chicago Automated Labeling Machines will operate on a normal 15 amp 110-120 volt dedicated circuit. A 20 amp dedicated circuit is preferred however.  A standard NEMA 5-15 plug is used at the terminating end of the electrical power cable.

The stepper drives required on the machine have their own independent power supplies to provide proper voltage and amperage requirements. We also provide easy to reach emergency stop switches on the front and back of machine. These stops kill power to the entire machine. Optional switches can be provided for easy control of components mounted in the location of your choosing.

The 24 volt power supply runs all the sensors, fans, screen, and programmable logic controller. Each drive is independently controlled for speed by the programmable logic controller. All of this is controlled from a color touch screen panel. The screen can also be changed to suit your individual needs. All of these setting can be done on the fly as the machine is running.

Depending on conditions in your factory, we can enclose all of our electrical components in a sealed air conditioned panel. This could protect the electrical components from high heat and humidity, a corrosive environment, or both.



Wrap—– Two basic styles can be employed using the wrap belt. They utilize either a backing plate or pneumatically controlled trunion rollers. The trunion rollers are more accurate in placing labels, but can restrict faster speeds which is where a backing plate will run at faster speeds.

Spacers—–Spacing of product can be accomplished in several ways. Pneumatic spacers, stepper driven spacing wheel, and custom feed screws. These are all available to suit your individual needs. The amount  large back pressures from a conveyor line can dictate the type of feed used.

Belts—–Besides the wrap belt we also offer an overhead belt and finger/hugger belts. The overhead belt holds the product on the conveyor when applying a front label or front and back label on your product. The finger/hugger belts help to align product entering the overhead belt ensuring a consistently accurate label placement

Configurations—We offer many options for labeling your product. There are several label wrapping option for round bottles. We can also label front alone or front and back simultaneously. We also can apply 3 and 4 panel wrapping of labels  for square and rectangular bottles.

Sensors—— We offer several types of label sensors that will detect paper labels or clear film labels. Several other sensor options would be Low Label, Up Stream and Down Stream sensor to regulate product flow of our machine. (Machine on/off). Other options are available  to integrate with your conveyor computer control systems. Stack lights can also be integrated with our machine.

The types of products that can be labeled our machine is nearly endless. From Heath and Beauty supplies to Pharmaceutical products and from Chemical cleaning products to food grade containers, our clean and corrosion resistant materials will last for years and label millions of products. Some examples of the types of containers that can be labeled are round bottles, square bottles, cans, buckets, boxes, aerosol cans, triangular bottles, custom shaped bottles and more.

Whether you are a small company that needs to label one container, or a large company that needs to label dozens of different types of containers Chicago Automated Labeling provides an adaptable and reliable machine that will serve your needs for years to come.

For a free evaluation just contact us. Ship us samples of your container and labels and we will apply them on our test machine and provide you with a quote on your new labeler and the additional components you may need.

Automated Labeling Machine
CAL Automated Labeler

True Digital Accuracy

Digital control of the product and label provides accurate labeling even with difficult clear film labels. Chicago Automated Labeling provides a 100% stepper motor driven system which reduces moving parts up to 50% and eliminates analog drift. By constantly monitoring the speed of each driven axis Chicago Automated Labeling can provide exact label placement.

Fast and Reliable Service

At CAL we cherish our customers and their reputation.  Having a production line that is down costs time and money, and it can be fustrating to get quick responses sometimes. This is why we at CAL want to ensure that you receive a fast and accurate troubleshooting process.  In the event  we cannot troubleshoot your issue over the phone, we will gladly arrive on scene as soon as possible to address the issue, or ship your maintenance department the parts needed for a quick replacement.

Options Available

  • Wrap Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Spacing Devices
  • Powered Rewinds
  • Hot Stamp Imprinter
  • Low/Broken Label Detection
  • Custom Conveyor Lengths
Custom Conveyor Lengths

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