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We offer an amazing number of automatic labeling solutions.

Modular Construction

Modular Construction

Each packaging company is different and as you know, every product is different. Therefore we pride ourselves in offering a module system that allows for you to upgrade or change labeling types in the future. Need a back side label? No problem. Need to do round bottle labels? No Problem.  Custom shaped bottles? No problem.  There is no longer a need to have one machine for each product, with Chicago Automated Labeling Inc you can label all of your products using the same machine.

Custom Engineered

Custom Engineered

CAL label machine has taken the last 25 years and used the mistakes and bad designs of others and used that information to build a better machine.  A modular, fully adjustable label machine can provide you years of uninterrupted production.  Very special attention as been paid to the design, fluidity, and function of our label machines and we continue to perfect our designs with each suggestion, or obstacle we face.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Each and every automatic label machine is built from parts made right here at Chicago Automated Labeling Inc, and assembled by hand by our experienced staff.  Production time varies depending on the modules you request, and if there are any special customization needed.  But typically we can deliver your machine within 4 weeks.  Just let us know your timeline and we will deliver. No job is too small or too big.

Sturdy Construction

All Chicago Automated Label Machines are constructed out of corrosive free stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts that are all assembled by hand right here in Northwest Indiana by our experienced staff.  Small details that may not matter to larger label machine manufacturers, matter to us.  Each machine is built as if it is our flagship, paying very close attention to details that make us the best in the industry.


Having a full labeling machine for each of your products may not be feasible for some companies. This is why we have fully adjustable modules that scan be easily adjusted by hand and set. You can switch products in minutes and increase production. Our Programmable Logic Control touch screen is easy to use and has 30 slots for pre-saved configurations. Not to mention that are machines are compact enough to be moved by one person.

Full Training and Support

We offer on site training and full support for all of our products.  Zero Downtime is a term used too freely in this industry.  Absolutely no one can guarantee zero downtime, but we can can guarantee is that each machine we send out will be accompanied with proper training on maintenance and upkeep and we will come out and fix, or send parts to your maintenance department when needed.

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